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Our Story

Pasta Runs in Our Family

Roma Antica was born in the heart of the Marina District. The product of a rich cultural heritage that passed along for generations, the art of Roman Cuisine, revisited in a modern style. We aim through our cuisine to share our family tradition, surrounding you with a simple meal in great company. The menu offers a selection of authentic recipes from Rome as well as additional specialties from the magic of sitting around a table, sipping good wine and enjoy all the regions of Italy.

We feature wines from Italy, France and California each selected to create the perfect pairing with our food, while also appealing to different plates and preferences. All of this, wrapped in a true Italian accent, will make you feel as if you were living a typical day in Rome, where ”the sun kisses you, the wind caresses you and the city protects you!”


Dogukan Solmaz - Roberto Sbaraglia

Executive Chef

Marco Sbaraglia


Alessandro Vasselli

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